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Wildlife, Chips & Firewood


Wildlife and bird camera installation

Mark has been involved with an ongoing survey by The Lothian Raptor Study Group and the RSPB for a number of years.

We have installed specialist cameras into trees to observe and capture nesting Sparrow hawks.

Mark has also taken part in a Squirrel Survey conducted by the University of Newcastle using infa-red motion cameras to record squirrel behavior.

Mark is also playing an integral role in a sound installation recording the Dawn Chorus using quadraphonic microphones for a forthcoming contempary art piece by Raydale Dower.

Mark would welcome any tree climbing or access work involving wildlife observation, lighting and art installation.

Woodchip supply

We produce woodchip daily and distribute it to Community Projects such as Urban Roots, Govanhill Allotment Project, Queens Park Allotments and many others.

Mostly being used as mulch for pathways, tree circles and shrub beds, woodchip is a valuable product. We are happy to supply to private individuals or organisations.

mark foster tree surgeon firewood supply

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Logs for firewood

We can supply logs suitable for firewood on a regular basis.

These will all be in manageable pieces or rounds ready to be split and seasoned. 

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